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Employment of persons
with disabilities

The Kenya Business and Disability Network is focused on ensuring that persons with disabilities access opportunities to engage in decent work as a means to ensure their economic inclusion. To benefit from wider Diversity & Inclusion in companies, recruitment policies and procedures need to be inclusive of persons with disabilities. Ranging from disability awareness among recruiters, accessible e-recruitment platforms and a focus on job seekers’ skills, there are many simple measures to attract and recruit persons with disabilities to a company’s workforce.

Eliminating stigma and stereotypes

From ensuring that corporate culture is aware of the stigma and stereotypes faced by persons with disabilities to ensuring that they are reasonably accommodated in the workplace, eliminating stigma and stereotypes faced by persons with disabilities is key mandate of the Kenya Business and Disability Network and our associates are supporting companies towards this goal.

Digital Accessibility

Is a key concept in creating more diverse and inclusive companies. The business case for digital accessibility – both in terms of attracting more diverse talent, including employees with disabilities, and increasing the base of disabled customers – is increasingly recognized by companies worldwide.