Charter principles based self-assessment

Aligned with the 10 principles of the Kenya Business and Disability Network (KBDN) Charter,this model self-assessment tool, adopted from the ILO Global Business and Disability Network(GBDN), helps companies to identify areas for improvement in its efforts to become more inclusive of persons with disabilities.
While the tool can be used as it stands it can be customised it to adapt it to the particular circumstances of the company and national contexts, for instance by adding references to compliance with quota legislation, where it exists.
If you decide to use the tool online, after having answered to all questions, you will get an automatically generated file which contains your answers and indicates the areas for improving your company’s disability inclusion policies and practices. Companies can collect the answers from their subsidiaries/branches and undertake an internal benchmarking exercise. Similarly, national business and disability networks can use it to facilitate the peer to peer learning among its members. The replies are strictly confidential and the information is only available for the person who replied to the questions.