Eliminating stigma and stereotypes

From ensuring that corporate culture is aware of the stigma and stereotypes faced by persons with disabilities to ensuring that they are reasonably accommodated in the workplace, eliminating stigma and stereotypes faced by persons with disabilities is key mandate of the Kenya Business and Disability Network and our associates are supporting companies towards this goal.

Kenya in 2018 committed to the total elimination of stigma and stereotypes against persons with disabilities when it co-hosted the Global Disability Summit. As government is leading in policy reforms, companies are looking internally into their own practices and organizational cultures to ensure disability sensitivity. Disability Equality Trainings, Unconscious bias trainings and staff awareness are some of the support measures that can be considered by companies in order to have honest dialogue on the challenges that persons with disabilities face in the workplace.
KBDN associate members, with their years of expertise in working with and for persons with disabilities are able to give companies support in ensuring an inclusive corporate culture that treats all employees, business partners and customers with the utmost dignity and respect.