Employment of persons with disability

The Kenya Business and Disability Network is focused on ensuring that persons with disabilities access opportunities to engage in decent work as a means to ensure their economic inclusion. To benefit from wider Diversity & Inclusion in companies, recruitment policies and procedures need to be inclusive of persons with disabilities. Ranging from disability awareness among recruiters, accessible e-recruitment platforms and a focus on job seekers’ skills, there are many simple measures to attract and recruit persons with disabilities to a company’s workforce.

The employment of persons with disabilities has always been an issue in Kenya but the current paradigm shift after the country co-hosted the Global Disability Summit in 2018 has gained traction. The case for inclusion, in terms of employment, reflects in the most component of any business, its increased shareholder return and performance. Disability is no longer relegated to charity in this country but an inclusion issue and businesses are championing this movement in Kenya by going beyond what the Government expects in terms of quotas and incentives and building their own disability confidence.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its related socioeconomic consequences magnify obstacles and inequalities. Persons with disabilities are in many ways more exposed to the crisis. The risk in the response to the current crisis is that persons with disabilities will be left behind – a risk companies can address effectively. As Kenya tries to build back better, it is important that employers to consider the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the new forms of work and industries that have emerged.

The Federation of Kenya Employers notes that the promotion of the employability of persons with disabilities is a shared responsibility and it remains at the forefront in encouraging initiatives that make it possible for persons with disabilities to access employment.