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National Plan of Action

The National Plan of Action on the implementation of the recommendations made by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in relation to the initial of the Republic of Kenya, September 2015-June 2022.

The Persons with Disabilities Act

The Persons with Disabilities Act was assented to on 31st December 2003 through an act of parliament and came into force on 16th June 2004. The act outlines the rights of persons with disabilities and measures that would be taken by the state to ensure their dignity is upheld and they are treated with respect and can access equal opportunities in all spheres of life

The Constitution of Kenya

The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 further safeguards the rights of persons with disabilities, recognizes the use of Kenya Sign Language and Braille as official and accessible languages and prohibits any discrimination against persons with disabilities.

Draft Disability Policy for the Public Service of Kenya

The objective of this policy is to guide the Public Service in disability mainstreaming to ensure a diverse workforce as provided for in the Constitution of Kenya and Persons with Disabilities Act. It will be applied in all institutions in the Public Service. The Commission invites all the Public Service institutions listed in Article 234 (3) of the Constitution to adopt its provisions to ensure harmony in disability mainstreaming.

The Employment Act

This act prohibits force labour, discrimination on grounds of disability amongst others and prohibits harassment in the workplace. It also outlines among others employer-employee relations and rights in employment.

The Kenya National Social Protection Policy

Outlines the government’s strategy and policy measures in social security, social assistance and health insurance that will ensure that all persons in Kenya, including vulnerable persons such as those with disabilities have dignified livelihoods.

Kenya’s commitments during the 2018 Global Disability Summit

Kenya made a series of commitments during the 2018 Global Disability Summit which it co-hosted with the UK Government and the International Disability Alliance. The country aspires to ensure the economic empowerment of persons with disabilities. Increasing access to employment and ensuring persons with disabilities receive reasonable accommodation in the workplace is a key driving force in ensuring their economic empowerment.